Dialysis Machines & Consumables

We are the exclusive distributors for Nipro Medical Corporation of Japan for Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti to supply Nipro Dialysis machines and consumables.
Our dialysis division specializes in the marketing and distribution of hemodialysis equipment and consumables. We offer a wide range of services from free consultations regarding dialysis centers, to the training of hemodialysis technical staff. We also consult about projects, frequently faced problems, water system treatment consultation, and financial consultation.

The water system is a critical component of efficient hemodialysis treatment and is give one of the highest priority with our Hemodialysis division. Our engineers train the customers to ensure that they know how to prevent and easily overcome any possible problems related to hemodialysis in the most optimal way that would lead to a long-term and trouble-free operation without needing to spend unnecessary money and time. We are not only involved in marketing hemodialysis equipment and by-products but also in problem-solving most efficiently.

The main services and supplies are:

  • Dialysis Centre Supplies
  • Dialysis machine and maintenance repair
  • Dialysis spare parts supply
  • Dialysis concentrates and powder solutions supply
  • Dialysis catheter, Water treatment powders,
  • Dialyzers
  • Bicarbonate cartridge
  • AV fistula needles
  • Dialysis disinfectants