About Us

The Idea & Purpose

As CKM Rafai, our founder, explains, his “Why” emerged from his visit to Somaliland in the early 90s. With limited resources and poorly trained healthcare professionals, Mr. Rafai realized the need to make quality healthcare accessible to all. Since the early 2000s, he has been supporting the healthcare industry in the East African region through various organizations he heads. 

As an extension of the healthcare industry, Mr. Rafai with his local partners decided that the African region is prime to receive world class products and services from many different industries. Today we serve 6 different industries in Africa namely – Automobile, Construction, Fishery & Livestock, Hospital & Healthcare, Medical Tourism, Oil & Gas.

Vision & Mission

We aim to be the leading enabler of delivering world-class services and products to the African region by 2022. For this, we have partnered with many leading-edge manufacturers and service providers in various industries exclusively for the African region.

We are the leading trading & solution consultants to the African market. Be it setting up a new hospital or planning and implementing gas plant for villas and apartment complexes, or designing and developing custom gas regulators, we always strive to deliver world-class quality at affordable prices.

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