We have been assisting various construction companies in the African region with supplies of raw materials including floor tiles, ceramics, plumbing & fittings specially sourced from Indian manufacturers for over 5 years. We also assist in the design and development of project plans for Hospitals to ensure that they are built to the most effective plan.

We also have extensive partnership with various builders in the region, where we supply different products like Bullet tanks for Gas, Pipeline for each villas in a different villa compounds, Oxygen Plant installation, Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant installation, Central Air Condition installation etc.

With partnership with manufacturers and developers in India, we assist construction companies right from design stage to planning and implementation to ensure that they are well within their budget with world class quality.

We are the leading trading & solution consultants to the African market. Be it setting up a new hospital or planning and implementing gas plant for villas and apartment complexes, or designing and developing custom gas regulators, we always strive to deliver world-class quality at affordable prices.

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